My First Month of Motherhood

So here I am looking back on my first month of motherhood. Where did one month go? It literally felt like yesterday when we got home from the hospital and settled our little Evalyn Mae in our home.


Life now revolves around her. And we don’t mind one bit. Even through the sleepless nights, I can happily say I have been enjoying every bit of motherhood. She may not be as responsive with her facial expressions or emotions towards me (and us) but I know there is a bond, with every touch. She knows me. She feels me, and most importantly, she is fully dependent on me. How amazing! I will love her forever.

As I recollected this past month, I thought it would be helpful to share what has worked for me, and the baby. As expected there was an adjusting period for the first couple weeks finding what worked for Evy and what didn’t. I know it’s trial and error for the first couple months, and what works for one baby- may not necessarily work for another. But if your baby falls in the more same category as mine, maybe these tips will be helpful. And if you have any tips to share, please comment below, or send me an email. As always, I love hearing from you guys! 🙂

12 Things I Learned From My First Month Of Motherhood

  1. Prenatal Vitamins: I didn’t know this until some friends and my doctor recommended it. Because I breastfeed, it’s extremely important to continually nourish my body with essential vitamins/minerals. I guess I’m doing something right because during our 1 week check up with the baby, the pediatrician surprisingly asked if I was feeding my baby breastmilk with a combination of formula because she had gained 8oz in the first week (which is apparently unheard of)! Well, I have to give most of the credit to these vitamins, along with all the kale salads I’ve been eating, he he. This is the one I use.
  2. Iron and Magnesium supplements: I stopped taking my iron supplements for the first half of the month because I was out- and then started experiencing extreme fatigue (more than usual), body aches, and weakness. Iron is essential because you lose blood during delivery and up to a month after. Iron really helps with restoring your red blood cell count, so I started taking it again and the 3 am wake up calls aren’t as bad as they used to be. To help with the body aches, I also took magnesium about 3-4 times a week. (But as always consult your doctor first) this is just what worked for me. I take this Iron and Magnesium supplement.
  3. Witch hazel: Like most women, I also had hemorrhoids (Ewww, I know) for a couple weeks after. I was taking a prescribed stool softener, which really helped, but during that 2 weeks, every bowel movement was extremely uncomfortable. Instead of buying witch hazel pads, I simply use cosmetic face pads and put witch hazel on it to give instant and continual relief to the area. Sorry for being so descriptive lol- just wanna help a sister out! 😉
  4. Postpartum waist belt: Okay I don’t know where I would be without this…umm..well I guess still looking 6 months pregnant, ha! Unless you’re one of those girls who bounce back instantly- like in 2 days and look like you never had a baby- then you may want to give this belt a try. Especially since I had a c-section, my body will take longer to recover than if I had a natural birth. (If you want to read my birthing story, check it out here.) Some girls wear it religiously- like 24 hours a day, but I wear it a good 10-12 hours a day and I’ve seen drastic results. AND unlike most belts, which are expensive, mine was only $14, you can find it here.
  5. Nursing Bras: I’ve already talked about these bras during my pregnancy, but I want to mention them again because 9 months later and I’m still wearing them! They are super comfortable, hold their shape and are great quality for the price! (which are only $25 for 3) A pregnancy and PP must have. Find them here.
  6. Evenflo Pivot Travel System Stroller: There is soo many strollers out there! I spent a lot of time trying to find the best one for my liking. I was looking for style, functionality, quality, longevity, all at a good price. A lot to ask for, huh? No, not necessary. I found this awesome stroller for only $299- which is on sale now for $239 BTW. And the best thing about this one is that it goes from newborn to 5 years old. Also, it comes with a car seat! It really doesn’t get better than that.
  7. Birthing Robe: This is not necessarily called a “birthing robe” but I like to refer to mine as one because I wanted something chic and functional at the hospital after I delivered and for when I had visitors. This robe (find it here) was perfect! Not only did it look like a dress, but it was super comfortable, stylish and perfect for nursing and when we had visitors at home and the hospital. It’s so easy to throw on, the look is effortless, and I feel like a goddess wearing it at home, he he. I highly recommend it for you new mamas! Also, find out more similar styles here.
  8. Wipe warmer: Now on to the baby…after having Evy home for a week, we felt so bad to see her cry every time we changed her diaper. So we decided to get a wipe warmer, and although crying is a normal pattern for newborns while being changed or bathed- we found this still helped a lot.
  9. Goats milk soap bar and brush: I love bath time- but Evy totally hates it. She cries the entire time (poor thing). But I’m loving this goats milk bar of soap (which I got from a friend) that I use for her body/hair wash. It’s all natural and does not irritate the skin- you can find a similar one here. Also, because my baby has so much hair, I love using this goat’s hair brush on the daily which is gentle and perfect for tender scalps. This one is my favorite. 
  10. Vitamin D drops for baby: I had no idea this was necessary because I thought breastmilk had all the essentials. But apparently, breastmilk feed babies miss out on Vitamin D because it is not present in breastmilk (even if the mother takes a Vit D supplement). So my pediatrician highly recommending and I didn’t want to take any risks because I know how vital Vit D is for bone growth and development. I did my research and came across the most natural supplement I could find. Find it here.
  11. Leaky Tear Duct Remedy: Let me just say how amazing breastmilk is. It’s loaded with all the good stuff- all by Gods design. A week after Evy was born she had a leaky tear duct. Being a mom for the first time I was so worried it was a serious infection, but I was assured it was easily treated by breastmilk. (I got this information from relatives). I simply put some of my breastmilk on a cotton pad and applied it to the eye as many times as needed. The leaky duct was gone within a day! Now I wonder what else breastmilk is good for…
  12. Comforting a crying baby: I discovered this on my own while trying whatever it took to comfort my baby to sleep. Whenever Ev was in a half awake-half asleep mode and would wake up a little fussy- this was the best time for it! I would place my hand on her chest and say “shhhhhhhhhh” quietly until she would fall back asleep. This usually took 5 minutes at times, but surprisingly it would work…most of the time! And this was a lifesaver cause I didn’t have to pick her up and go through the change/feed/hold routine to pet her down again. I know the warmth of my hand, and my voice comforts her to make her feel safe and loved.

I hope all you mamas enjoy this time as much as I do. It all goes by so quickly. Instead of looking forward to the next stage where a baby will learn how to sleep, or learn to be potty trained, or are more independent- enjoy today! I am learning to cherish every moment, even in the tiredness, because I will never have the moment again. Children are truly a gift from the Lord. 🙂

P.S. I ADORE this robe. If you want to find more similar styles, check out the links below!

I have linked the listed items below↓


With love, Ina Petz

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