Summer Florals and Denim Cut-offs

I know, I’ve been so MIA lately, but between baby naps to busy summer days it’s been a little hard to sit down and blog. But honestly, I miss it. And I’m determined to make a weekly appearance… I hope. ūüėČ

In a previous¬†post, I mentioned I recently became a style ambassador for the brand, Pink Blush. Which has a wide range of fashionable items, along with maternity¬†clothes ¬†(but I don’t think I will be needing for the next few years…he he).

// STYLED // 

This month, I picked out another floral pastel dress because¬†my fad with florals is never-ending. Floral prints are so feminine, flattering, and totally give me the summer vibes- which I am not looking forward to ending. Also, this dress is so easy to style. I paired it up with my favorite baby-blue strappy heels (FYI my go-to summer shoes). I feel like this dress is perfect for Sunday services, bridal/baby showers, and casual outings. It’s convenient because¬†it’s light weight material doesn’t make you sweat, and you don’t need to worry about ironing it either (yay!). It’s the perfect, I don’t know what to wear, and something in-between¬†fancy and casual. Need I say more?

(Dress comes in more colors)


The next item I picked out was a little unusual because I actually¬†searched for it in the maternity section. Odd huh? Well, the truth is, I have been dying to wear a perfect pair of ripped jean shorts and it has been so hard to find during my pregnancy, and much more now, with my post-partum body. So I thought of this selection as an investment, until my next pregnancy and a convenience, with the elastic waist to make this fit more comfortable and flattering. It’s a win-win… like why haven’t I thought of this sooner?! And I must say, it’s pretty¬†deceiving. No one would tell…unless they read this blog post, of course. ūüėČ

Shop these items on Pink Blush, or find my direct links below.



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