Baby Must-Haves: Binxy + Ollie

Hello January! Another month passing and baby Evalyn is another month older. I’m going to keep calling her baby cause I know I won’t be able too sooner than later.

Evalyn turns 8 months and it’s oh so bitter-sweet. I often find myself looking through pictures of previous months, that are filled with sweet memories and a lot of growth…for the both of us. This whole first time-mom thing is not easy. You can read endless blogs, reviews, and buy a bunch of products, only to find that your baby is very different and from others. Thankfully I have used a lot of recommendations that have worked for me (like the DockATot) but I know this is something I am constantly learning.

So in light of that, I am sharing a couple baby products that we have been using that seemed to work well for us in the past few months, which I hope will work for you and baby too!

Note* these products were received complementary for testing purposes. This is my honest review, and I always work with brands that personally suit and enhance my niche.

Baby Must-Have #1: Binxy Baby

Have you ever heard of this handy cart hammock? Well, this has been a BIG help for me when I have to run out to get a bunch of groceries, without worrying about making two trips or overloading my stroller (cause I’ve been there, done that!). The Binxy works so well for us, and from the moment I put Evalyn into it, she definitely seemed impressed. She was very interested being placed in a new setting, being oo-ed and aww-ed by literally every passing stranger and was easily entertained by the surrounding colours and me (of course). Oh, and did I mention how much easier my target trips just got? I love making my rounds at every department which means that items easily add up, so this just made my life 10x easier when it comes to any shopping trip! A mama-outing must-have!

Just a few points about this awesome Binxy product:

  • Compatible: It fits most standard grocery store carts, Target being one of them (and a favourite of mine, if you haven’t noticed, aha!).
  • Capacity: Holds a car seat and supports up to 50 pounds in weight. It has all the buckles and straps to secure your car seat so don’t fret, mama! I personally like putting baby Ev in the hammock, she gets really excited about the change.
  • Age: Used for babies approximately 6-8 months until they sit up on their own. The last time I used this was the previous week when we got back from our 3 week family vacation. As you can imagine, our fridge and pantry were completely empty! So I wanted to make a one-stop shop at a nearby grocery store and load up on everything that was needed. Ev was much more curious and active at this stage (almost 8 months) so I made sure to keep a steady eye on her at all times. For safety reasons, that was probably the last use, because it seems Ev has outgrown it. So I will have to use it with the car seat and/or definitely saving it for the next baby. πŸ™‚
  • Safety tested: make sure to always buckle up your baby with the provided straps! You know as easily as I do that accidents can happen in a blink of an eye or just looking over for a second. It’s always better safe than sorry.

So if you’re looking for convenience and functionality for your shopping trips, make sure to try this Binxy hammock out. You can thank me later. πŸ˜‰

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Baby Must-Have #2: The Ollie

Next, let me tell you a little bit about this important and essential item when it comes to sleep training and baby comfort…

Evalyn was born mid-May, in So Cal- meaning already super hot-beach-weather temperatures, so I never knew the importance of swaddling a baby at an early stage. But after reading different sleep training aids, and advice from other moms, I came to realize how important swaddling is for babies- especially in the early months. Well you know what they say, it’s never too early to start! So, I started using this swaddle for Ev’s day naps in conjunction with the DockATot and I found that it helped with longer naps, and it kept Ev warm without having to worry about giving her a blanket. There was a period of time where she liked to pull the blanket over her face so ever since then I felt very uneasy about letting her sleep with a blanket for naps/bed time. And that’s where this Ollie comes in handy!

What you should know about the Ollie Swaddle:

  • Material: It’s made from custom moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating. We definitely needed this feature for our hot climate!
  • Size: Custom fit to allows for fit to be individualized to meet the needs and size of each little one. Because of it’s design, it’s easily assembled and adjustable (comes with velcro pads) as baby grows, and is a “one-fits-all” size.
  • Convenience: It’s easy to access diaper changes accessible through the opening at the bottom.
  • Benefits: It’s therapeutic qualities ease the transition from the womb, self-soothing, and improves quality of sleep. I also like that it’s an extra layer over the baby while they sleep.

For more tips and FAQ about this product, check it out here. Oh, and how cute is the box that it comes with it? I’m definitely keeping it as a keep sake.

So go on, and try out whatever works for your baby. It’s a very personal thing for you and your baby. It may take a few trails, but once you find what works, be consistent. πŸ™‚


Have a great week!

XO. I.P.

With love, Ina Petz

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  1. Great review Ina! I’ve never seen the cart hammock before what a great idea! As for swaddles, baby J sleeps in a sleep sack and ever since we started using it he has been snoozing longer stretches through the night and it’s glorious! It’s crazy how one simple item can make such a huge change!

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