Meet The Femme

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Meet, me. I’m a believer in Christ, wifey, mama to a sweet girl, homemaker, currently living in SoCal. I was born and raised in Canada with a Moldavian background. My husband, daughter and I live in LA as my husband is a student at the Master’s Seminary.

Growing up, I always enjoyed sharing my interests with my friends, family, and random people I came across. And now I’m actively able to share my interests in fashion, lifestyle, cooking, motherhood, DIY’s and more importantly my faith as a Christian on this blog.

I named my blog “Oh La Femme” because in French, “la femme” is translated “the wife”. As a wife, I enjoy to do-it-all, and happily, embrace my role as a homemaker. I delight in serving my husband a home cooked meal, looking presentable, making my home a comfortable place to live in, nurturing my child, while maintaining a joyful spirit. I believe this is my highest calling as women, so I decided to create a blog that encompasses all the things that “wifeys” or busy people may find themselves doing.

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Life is what you make it, let’s make it beautiful.

With love, Ina Petz