5 New Year Goals of a Busy Christian Mom

January is all about setting goals, right? At least it is for me … year after year I always say this year I’ll start working out … or read more … or do this more, or that more (you get the picture).

But this year I’m all about being realistic. Sure, I want to set goals, but I want to be honest with myself and what I think I’m capable of doing – with the Lord’s strength of course :).

Honestly, I’ve always been a procrastinator. I’m the type to stay up all hours of the night studying or finishing that school paper that is due the next day. The type to start reading ten books that I never finish. That’s me. Well, that WAS me until I had a baby. Yeah, you read right, I’m not so much a procrastinator anymore … although I do have my moments of weakness, I can happily say that I have become more disciplined in many aspects of my life since I had Evalyn.

Now you’re probably thinking that my baby is an angel … well that’s not necessarily true. I have to say I am blessed with her because she is really chill and content for the most part, but for the longest time she would only nap for 30 minute intervals 1-2 times a day … until I got the Dock-a-Tot (read more about it here). Plus, we don’t live close to any family so I’m on full duty all day (until dada gets home), so the only alone time I have is when baby is sleeping. I know it’s a lot of info, but I want you to understand where I’m coming from, since I know many of you are in the same (or very similar situations). Yet somehow (by the grace of God), I am more disciplined now then when I didn’t have a baby. I guess it has something to do with my days being more structured and knowing I have less time for myself (which I don’t mind). Because I have so much less time, it forces me to focus on what is most important, and to make time for those things first. It is true that you are as busy as you make yourself.

With that in mind, I decided to make a few new year’s resolutions that I hope to maintain for this new year – even in the business of motherhood. We one-time mommas know how busy our days can get, I can’t imagine how much more so with two, three, four, or more kids in the picture! But I know little changes in my routine will go a long way in increasing my spiritual growth. Spending time reading/studying God’s Word leads to a renewing of mind, and an improving of behavior. This is true for all of God’s people – including you too, momma!

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

5 New Year Goals of a Busy Christian Mom

1. Buy a daily planner and use it:

I’m so bad at doing this; I always love buying a cute planner each year but have such a hard time using it on a daily basis. So this is my goal for the year. I am going to try to structure my days and write down all my goals, prayer requests, and verse of the day to keep my days as organized (and God-focused and Christ-centered as possible).

Here are some cute planners for some inspiration:

2. Read through the whole Bible in one year:

I know this one is a little cliche, isn’t it? But seriously, no more excuses, for me at least. In the past few months, I started a good and practical reading schedule each morning – its either when I wake up and baby is busy playing with toys, or when baby takes her late morning nap. There is always that short quiet time in my day that I have to myself (in my case I only have one baby so it’s doable). And if I don’t manage to fit in a time during my day, I try to get my reading in the evening when baby is down for bed. I don’t want to make it seem like this is something I am doing out of habit, rather it’s something that I desire and aspire to! Reading Gods word is SO refreshing. It feeds my restless soul, and the truths gives me hope and peace for each day. Even a 10-15 minute read does wonders for me. I highly recommend you mommas try it out. To help me out with this, I started reading “The John MacArthur Daily Bible” which has been an extremely beneficial resource to get me reading the bible in one year! This is not a devotional, rather the Bible broken up with an Old Testament passage, Psalm, Proverbs, and New Testament passage too. It even comes with notes in the margin that help unfold difficult parts of scripture. AND a section of weekly devotionals for the year with selective scripture. As useful and convenient daily devotionals are, nothing compares to reading Gods word on a daily basis – try making that a priority in your life! Ps. I’m not here trying to advertise this Bible, it’s simply something that worked for me, and I hope will be a blessing to you too.

Click here for the Daily Bible I use.

Other great resources (some of which I have):

3. Be a little selfless each day:

Motherhood is selfless enough … right? Well, how about a little more? What about struggling friends and family, or someone you bumped into at the grocery store who is in need of prayer? Personally, when I focus more on other peoples problems, I forget how “big” mine may seem. I like to make a list of prayer requests and date them to help me remember. And this is where my planner comes in handy too! I like to make a weekly/daily note on who I’m praying for. This also helps me stay in prayerful thought throughout the day. I’ll be honest, I’m not too good at sitting down and praying for too long, I get very distracted. So in conjunction with that, I like to pray in my car rides (when baby is asleep, yay!), while washing dishes, and whenever I have moments of silence. It soothes my soul.

4. Make healthy choices one sip at a time:

Honestly, I NEVER liked working out or going to the gym for that matter … such a chore! Instead, I like making healthy food choices and finding ways to cleanse my body naturally. I have been doing this for a while on and off. Lately, I like to drink warm lemon water every morning. Lemon does wonders for your body- like boosting your immune system, and helping with weight loss (read more here). It leaves me feeling refreshed and I know it’s doing good to my body. You know what they say, you are what you eat!

5. Join a women’s Bible study:

I mentioned this before in a previous post, How To Be Joyful in Motherhood, but I want to say it again! Ever since I joined, my life has never been the same. I have a weekly study that helps motivate me to be in God’s Word. I’m also encouraged by other women going through the same life trials as I am – the fellowship is so sweet. As great as my husband is at encouraging me, it’s also nice to be connected with women who understand the daily difficulties/hardships of motherhood experiences. It’s also a great excuse to doll yourself up and get out the house … and it breaks up the week nicely since mine happens to be on a Wednesday :)!

Ps. If you’re reading this and feel a little disheartened ’cause you can’t seem to manage anything on this list because of how hectic your life is now, don’t let that bring you down. Let your heart be at peace, God knows the seasons in your life and the struggles that come with it, because He is sovereign, and has ordained both! Do what you can do enjoy the good days, and take advantage of those days where you do have a little more time by spending them in study. Don’t worry about the difficult days, or the days where you don’t have time for yourself (and your study). God understands, because He has ordained both. What’s important is for you to remain joyful and worshipful always!

 In the day of prosperity be happy, But in the day of adversity consider— God has made the one as well as the other. Ecclesiastes 7:14

I hope this inspires you mommas, to rejoice in the year ahead! Every day is a blessing, choose your battles, enjoy the small things, and live your life abundantly.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Your fellow Momma for God’s glory,