Nordstrom Weekend Sale Picks under $25

Hey friends!

Today I’m highlighting a brief overview of my favorite Nordstrom Sale items happening this weekend (ending Nov.12/12). All these items listed below are under $25 dollars (before tax). That’s my kinda deal. Going forward ill try to set up blog posts on a weekly basis when I find some great items on sale.

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Fashion Finds With ThredUP

Who doesn’t love finding fashion finds for less? I know I can get an AMEN from one of you reading this. Well finding nice items at a nicer price is just what I like, and that’s what I found at ThredUP. ThredUP is an online consignment (second hand) store which carries a ray of well-known brands, like some of my favorites, ZARA, Kate Spade, Forever 21 and sometimes Valentino too! To be honest, I was never much of a second-hand shopper until I got older (and wiser…just kidding). And it wasn’t because of the prices- because I always find killer deals. It was more so the idea of shopping second hand. Most consignment stores I have walked into in the past had an awful smell that is similar to an old folks home or a cat litter box. Ok, I’m sorry. That’s a little extreme but I’m sure I’m not alone. So when I discovered this online consignment shop, I thought…it’s about time something like this came into existence… and how convenient! I don’t know about you, but anything to do with online shopping gets me excited (my husband can attest to that too). 🙂

ThredUP has a bunch of items on their site. From maternity to baby clothes, and shoes! It’s pretty cool. Sometimes you really have to search until you find something “trending” so here are some tips that I recommend:

  1. ThredUP gets hundreds of clothes each day; their website is daily updated, so if you’re looking for the best of the best, check throughout the day under “new arrivals” because the cute items go quickly like hot cakes!
  2. If you have an indecisive nature (like me), “heart” the items you like while browsing and it’ll stay on hold for 24hrs- make sure to make an account to do so.
  3. Order a “Clean Out” bag and use it towards your next purchase!

So what exactly is “Clean Out?”

ThredUP doesn’t just sell clothes, they buy them too! After discovering this, I did a major closet clean out and got rid of a bunch of my not-so-mommy clothes (it was bitter-sweet) and many more clothes that have been sitting my closet untouched. You can order a “Clean Out” bag, fill it up with like-new clothes that aren’t getting the love they deserve, ship it back to them (for free), and get money back for them (see guidelines here). Pretty cool. 

My ThredUP items: #ad

After using those tips, I finally came across two styles that I love, a romper and embroidery detail.

Romper: Forever 21 fashion find for $9

Embroidery Top: J. Crew fashion find for #12

I wasn’t able to wear a romper for months because I was recently pregnant, so I was very eager to be able to wear one again! I mean how cute is this navy floral romper? And because it’s no longer summer, I styled it by wearing a button up blouse underneath. Now I can wear it all year around!

Next, embroidery. I’ve always loved embroidery details on clothes. It’s so classy, feminine, and unique. It almost saves you from wearing jewelry- especially if you’re like me and are a minimalist when it comes to jewelry. Embroidery clothes are great to style because you can always dress it up or down while still maintaining that classy look.

Shop similar items:

Now it’s your turn! Check out ThredUP , sign up today and get $10 towards your next purchase… you can thank me later. 😉

Au revoir,

♥ I.P.


Tiffany Rose Maternity Dresses Review

Hey Friends 🙂

I’ve been a little MIA on the blog lately because I haven’t been up for too much these past couple weeks…ugh! With only 3 1/2 weeks to go, I haven’t been able to keep up with my usual routine. Although, these days seem to be passing by faster than I can count!  I guess this is the only time I’m my life when I would prefer time to pass quickly, since most days it is a struggle to get out of bed. Oh, the joys of the last trimester. The stories are true. And the excitement is unbearable!

I am planning on sharing some exciting posts in the next few weeks (unless I delivery early ah!) on sharing my guide to meal planning, baby and diaper/hospital bag essentials, along with a birthing story after my delivery. Don’t forget to subscribe. 🙂 I love hearing from you and staying connected! ♥

Today I am sharing some beautiful items from Tiffany Rose– a clothing line designed and made in Britain. I love that their selection is based on stylish formal wear- from bridal, party, to every day wear that has a beautiful elegant touch… not to forget to mention that many of their items are nursing friendly too! Also, they have a “red carpet” collection that is just fabulous. Head on over to their website to check out which celebrities and well known TV hosts who styled these lovely dresses.

I loved styling the Anna Shift Dress (on sale now), Imogen Shift dress, along with the Alana maxi (which is also on sale). I can honestly say that I loved the fit, quality, and material of these dresses. No cheap see-through material! Check out how I styled them below, and make sure to head over to Tiffany Rose Maternity site, and Instagram for their Spring sale on now!

Alana Shift Dress:

Shop (click to find out where to buy this item):

Imogen Dress:


Alana Maxi Dress:


Happy Fri-yay!

♥ I.P.







My Favourite Asos Maternity Dresses

Finally in the home stretch…33 weeks pregnant and 6 weeks to go (from my due date)! It’s just so hard to believe and I feel like a scatter brain with all the “have-to’s” and things on my mind in order to prepare for this little one. I keep saying, “yah, I’ll do that next week.” But time is slipping away and I need to get all of my preparations in order. 🙂

I have had the privilege of working with some wonderful maternity brands through out my pregnancy. One of my favourites was ASOS maternity. I’m sure you have seen many of my instagram pictures tagged with their items. They seriously have the cutest dresses! I have been living in them for most of my pregnancy. Forget pants! All I wanted to wear was something comfortable, yet stylish. Plus, I feel so feminine wearing dresses. And there is nothing more refreshing than looking feminine when most days feeling it is not an option. Ha!

I have put together a list of my favourite ASOS martetnity dresses. Some of which I have styled, and if you keep scrolling, you’ll see some of my favourite latest recommendations. I was so tempted to buy more, but at this point I have wayyyy to many dresses, and seeing that I only have 6 weeks to go, I think I’ll make it through with all the pretty dresses I have so far. 🙂

I loved talking about this ASOS dress in one of my latest post, you can find out more here!

These dresses are so lovely and stylish, AND the prices are amazing (especially since they are on sale now)! Although they currently have limited sizes, I found that it was easy to get them altered in order to not miss out on these awesome prices and styles. 🙂 OR you can check out ASOS’s latest styles that I ADORE.♥

Being pregnant is so much fun, don’t ‘cha agree?

(Click on the picture and you’ll be directly linked to the page)

xox. IP


Baby Blue For My Baby To Be

Hello Friends!

Today I’m sharing another maternity style from ASOS. I have been loving (and living) in their maternity clothes! Not only are they affordable, but they look so chic and stylish- a hard combo to come across these days. I have been living in dresses lately. Now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant (crazy, I know), gained about 30 pounds, and have swollen feet, the only items that I prefer to wear are these breezy dresses, and open toe shoes. Thank God for this So Cal climate!

I must admit, I never thought baby blue was my colour. I mean, I love pastels and light colours especially with spring around the corner, but light blue? Never thought it would go- until I got this dress. It’s so fun and comfortable. Pregnancy should be a combination of both! Also, need I mention that ruffles and off the shoulder accents are a big deal in the fashion world lately? I have been seeing them every where. So flattering, so chic, and so feminine. But what I like so much about this piece is that I can wear it off the shoulder, along with over. Also, I love this length of this very mama- appropriate dress, which is very flattering for the bump.

So, if you haven’t checked out ASOS maternity, do it, now. You will not be disappointed! They also have a wide variety of non maternity clothes and accessories for men and women too.

Check out my direct links below, for more details on where to buy this dress. Stay beautiful mamas!

All pictures credited to Phoenix Aperture. Check out more of his work at @phoenix_dali

Vacay Shop Sale - All Items under $36 at! Ends 3/20

Also, if you haven’t registered with EBATES, now is the time! Every time I online shop, and where EBATES is redeemable, I get cash back for my purchases. It really is that simple. Sign up here! (you will get cash back from EBATES if you are shopping at ASOS since they are only an online store)



Select the links/pictures below if you would like a direct link to this dress.

Unfortunately the light blue just sold out 🙁 (no surprise) but you can find the exact style in the remaining colours: black and teal.









Tips On Finding Non-Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy

I love being pregnant. But it wasn’t always this way- until I hit my 5 months. I finally have an abundance of  energy (most days), I feel endless kicks and movement, and I have a bump that I can marvel at in gratitude. What a miracle happening inside my body! Every stage has been very different and exciting, it’s like falling in love all over again. 🙂  It’s almost so hard to believe that I’ll be going onto 27 weeks, and almost into my third trimester! It’s all happening so quickly, and I just want to savour each moment.

Some people have been asking about my maternity style, so I decided I’d share weekly updates with my personal favourite styles. ‘Cause I know, It’s sooo hard to find cute maternity clothes, that are affordable, and stylish. I’ll share with you some tips that help me pick out/find the perfect, affordable maternity styles.

This week I am sharing tips on finding clothing items that are non-maternity:

  1. It doesn’t have to be maternity: Maternity clothes can be double, triple the price (no thanks)! So for more variety in my maternity wardrobe I started shopping for styles that I could invest in- styles that I would be able to wear during, and after pregnancy. I mainly look for items that are made of stretchy material, knits, and flowy dresses that make it easier and comfortable to sport.
  2. Look into your closet: This was a big eye opener for me! I couldn’t believe how many items I already had in my closet that would be suitable throughout my pregnancy (this dress being one of them). All you have to do is start there, and then update as you go. You’ll be surprised with what you find!
  3. Still can’t find anything you like? Get it made: This is very convenient for me, because I have a background in sewing- I can easily make a dress or a skirt from scratch. You can do the same with some inspiration or your own designs (Pinterest is great for inspo!). Simply bring your styles to a seamstress and ask for her to sew a piece for you that you have a hard time finding. This is very suitable for events such as weddings, showers ect., where you need an item that is difficult to find.

Your maternity style doesn’t need to be compromised, have fun with it, and enjoy your pregnancy!

Outfit Details:

Dress: H & M

Shoes: Steve Madden

xox I.P.



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Birthday Fun in California

There is definitely a first for everything…Especially when you move half way across the country! This year I celebrated my 23rd birthday in Pasadena, California. My husband planned an evening out town, and I was very impressed. 🙂

Pasadena is a small-ish town northeast of LA, known for the shopping and dining district, along with their beautiful Victorian and striking architecture buildings. It really has a European feel, which made site seeing and picture taking… #instaworthy. 😉

This courtyard at City Hall was so lovely

Unknown-10 Unknown-7 Unknown-6 Unknown-8

The restaurant we went to was called Cafe Santorini. It was so fun and the food was delish!

Unknown-23 Unknown-11 Unknown-12

So to start off the day, I had these adorable champagne gummies from Sugarfina because I thought they were totally suitable.


Many people asked where I got my outfit from, as if was going of that flappers look, lol…I actually wasn’t, frills are just so fun, and so in, and I just felt like wearing something fun for my birthday! After all, I couldn’t let this adorable dress just sit in my closet forever! Anyways, I got this dress for a steal a couple months ago when Zara (my favourite store of all time), had it’s semi-annual sale on (which is currently still happening if they have any more items left!).

Unknown-3 Unknown-4 Unknown-5 Unknown-1 Unknown-2

And as for the shoes… yup you guessed it… #Zara ! I got these again, when they had their 2016 winter sale just this past January. I couldn’t resist when I came across these! They are just drop dead gorgeous.

Unknown-15 Unknown-16

So I pieced it all together by working with what I had in my closet.

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Choker: Aldo

Earrings: Hudson’s Bay


Buuuut I have to say, I had a little dilemma with the choice of earrings, which would you have picked?


You know, it doesn’t always have to be new, but thats something I just recently learned. I used to always buy a new item for random events; girls night out, date night, wedding, shower, church, and so on. But eventually my husband caught on and said that had to stop, lol. But there is always something you can work with in your closet. Like that little black dress, or that plain tee, or even dressing up your plain outfit with those fancy shoes that you never wear! Im telling you, re-discover your closet, there is more in there then you may know. 🙂 I’ve helped some friends that needed tips on “what to wear” and they were surprised with what they had in their closet once paired up with something they never thought could work. Anyways, thats my little rant for the day, he he. I hope your day was as special as mine was. <3


xo I.P.

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