My Favourite Moments of Our Wedding Day

Here we are, after one year of marriage spent together, we can proudly say it’s our first wedding anniversary! Time sure does fly by. As we were both reflecting on this memorable day, we shared our favourite moments through out our journey together, our thoughts, and our future goals. We are so grateful for God bringing us together. He has given us the desire to serve the Lord, to love each other, and to start a family together. Love is truly a beautiful thing.

As I reflected back on our wedding day, it really does seem like a dream. I sooo badly want to relive it, to take in every detail, and every moment to its fullest. But, without a wink of sleep it’s kind of hard to remember each little detail. I remember desperately trying to fall asleep the night before our wedding. So many thoughts were racing through my mind! The dress, the decor, the flowers, the weather, my hair and makeup, making sure I packed everything I needed for the honeymoon, and seeing my hubby face-to-face… oh the endless thoughts. And I don’t think I am the only one who experienced this. So after looking at the clock over a million times, I gave up, I accepted the fact that I would not sleep. Then, rinnnng goes my alarm, the day has begun! As I jumped out of bed, I tried to remind myself that I wasn’t going to allow myself to be tired. Suddenly, I heard my phone ring, I smiled as I looked over to see that it was my fiancé (husband). As we shared our excitement before seeing each other he added, “babe, I didn’t sleep a wink”. Ha! I knew I wasn’t the only one. 🙂

So, in honour of this symbolic day, I wanted to share a few of my favourite photos, that display my favourite moments of this special day.

I started off my morning with a hot bath in my parents jacuzzi. Hot baths always make me feel relaxed and refreshed, so this is exactly what I needed. I think I was enjoying myself a little too much when the hair dresser rang the door bell and I was still in the bath! lol.


After the makeup and hair styling was done, my flowers came in. Oh they were so lovely. I love white flowers… actually I love white everything. It’s so elegant, pure and peaceful.


Next, I couldn’t leave the house without perfume. Perfume is essential. And I wouldn’t go on with my special day without the perfect smelling scent of the classic, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. This perfume is my all time favourite. I save this one for special occasions or the weekends. 🙂


It was finally time to get the dress on. I felt so many feelings of excitement, this was it, my hair, my makeup was done, and now I’m putting on the dress. It’s every girl dream coming together all in this moment. Also, this photo is significant to me because of my mama and sister that always stood by my side to make this day as special as it was.


With only a month and a half to plan our wedding, I was happy to be able to custom design my dress. Because of the limited time I had with options, I was happy to have done what I could. It was perfect to me.


And now, the wedding shoes. The perfect touch, the perfect detail, and the perfect fit… Badgley Mischka.


Oh! How vividly I remember this moment. After everything was done and complete, now it was time to see my future hubby. It was time for a face-to-face. Every step was filled with excitement, as my heart was racing, this moment was finally here!


We took most of our wedding photos the morning of the wedding ceremony. It was a dark, gloomy and rainy day. My curls were falling out, my dress was getting a little wet, and my makeup was fading, but I (we) couldn’t be happier. Nothing else mattered in these moments.


I wanted to share this one because it shows the details of my dress. If you want to read more about how I custom designed my Vera Wang dress, check out my post here.


I love this photo, it’s just so fun.


Now, we were running a little late. The clock was ticking, and it was time to get to the ceremony. On the drive there, we drove by some cute areas that were soon instagram-able that we just had to stop. I promised that this was the last stop we were going to make, hence my eagerness to get to the picture perfect area.


WE DO! And just like that, we are husband and wife! This was the beginning of it all. Our hearts were full of joy. We were so thankful for every person, every clap and every smile that were part of this day.


It’s all about the details. I love the beauty of flowers (especially white flowers).


This photo sums up our excitement of this day and our future. We did it, we came this far, by the grace of God we are in this forever.


I find peace in the comfort of his love.


This is one of my favourite photos of this day. The veil blowing in the wind, our eyes locked, and the smiles on our faces.


I’m sure by now, you can tell that I love black and white photos. 🙂


And the day finally came to an end. It definitely didn’t go as well as I planed or expected, but I was able to see past all of this because it was so much more than having the best hair, makeup, details, decor, weather, and/or dress… this day was all about the start of our future. And that was enough for me.


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